Oslo police lack investigators in child abuse cases

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"We must at least have dozens of investigators more, so it is important that we make us attractive and offer more pay," Metlid said.

"This is only my unit's statistics, so the number for Oslo is far higher," said head of the department, Grete Lien Metlid.

OSLO, July 6 (Xinhua) -- Oslo police lack investigators to work with sexual offenses against children and are trying to recruit them with better wage offers, public broadcaster NRK reported Friday.

According to the report, cases of so-called organized questioning of children and the vulnerable take more time and resources of Oslo police.

The investigators are offered a yearly salary of between 4300,000 kroner (57,114. 47 U.S. dollars) and 540,000 kroner (67,047.42 U.S. dollars) without benefits.

According to Lien Metlid, more and more reported sexual offenses apply to children and the police is struggling to recruit investigators.

Only in June, Intelligence and Investigations Department of Oslo Police conducted 37 such hearings, according to broadcaster TV2.